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My work is primarily a focus on the human figure as a canvas for exploring aspects of the human experience. The use of the human form, abstracted, sectioned or broken apart, offers opportunities for me to explore psychology, geology and cultural history. It is important to me that the sculptures I create are experienced in a visceral, emotional way. I want the work to hold multiple meanings and connections for the viewer.

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Clay is a primary material for me because its tactile nature allows for a vast range of forms and surfaces. The fired clay can show qualities of soft malleability, and, at the same time, express the hard permanence of stone. Fired clay can present a variety of colors and surface qualities not found in stone or bronze.

The forms in my sculptures are constructed of torn clay slabs and clay chunks, pressed and paddled into shape. The resulting texture gives the form a stony, archaic quality. The forms are hollow with the interior volume pushing out against the textured surface. There is a sense of strength created through the relationship between the fragmented surface and the assertive interior volume.

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